韓国伝統楽器・カヤグムを用いた異色の女性ユニット。 メンバーはyu-ko(Vo.)、sangmi(カヤグム)、natsuko(Accessory-designer)の3人。 カヤグムの深くやわらかな音色と、透き通る伸びやかな歌声でまったく新しいサウンドを紡ぎ出す。 ESTACIONはスペイン語で「季節 」「駅」。移り行く季節が足を休める駅のように、心を癒すサウンドで幅広い世代から支持を受ける。 また、natsukoが手掛けるAccessoryブランド『Rico』とのコラボ作品も多数展開中。 「ESTACION=憩いの駅」へぜひお立ち寄り下さい。 A unique female unit that uses the traditional Korean instrument Gayageum. The three members are yu-ko (Vo.), sangmi (Gaya.), And natsuko (Accessory-designer). Gayageum's deep and soft tone and transparent mellow voice create a new sound. ESTACION is Spanish for "season" and "station". Like a station where you can rest your legs during the changing seasons, the sound of soothing hearts has received support from a wide range of generations. In addition, many works in collaboration with the Accessory brand "Rico" by natsuko are being developed. Please drop in at "ESTACION = Rest Station".